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Woke Up To Tears of a Heart Attack Story

Woke Up To Tears of a Heart Attack Story
Posted February 10th, 2014 @ 9:57am

This morning I was awoke to the tears of my wife Ruby and a story of a heart attack.  But before you think it was one of our family members, it was not thank God, and Ruby was crying but not because the victim's heroic battle of surviving the attack....

North East Ohio was covered in snow yet again last night, another 6 to 8 inches from what the meteorologists claim.  Then poor Ruby had to take Heather and Brandon to school in it.  She successfully pulled out of the garage and was able to get Heather to school.  But when she returned home to take Brandon to school she slid sideways coming into our driveway and got stuck in the snow that the ODOT plows had pushed up into our yard. 

This is when she called me in tears and the conversation went like this...


"Hey baby, how are you this morning?" I asked

"I got $%#@ van stuck again in our driveway! Now Brandon is going to be late to school!" she sobbed.

"Are you and the kids ok?" 

"Yes, but now I have to shovel the $%#@ van out!" she continued.

"I thought ___________ was plowing the driveway?  I just cut ______ a check." I asked humbly (knowing I should not excite her anymore.)

Then like a faucet was turned off Ruby quit crying and said clear as day...

"That %^$%##%^ had a heart attack and is in the $#@$^ hospital!"

I couldn't help but laugh, and later said a prayer for their recovery, but then I asked...

"So should I cancel the check at the bank today?"

Ruby started to laugh...

I'm glad I was able to break up the stress with a little humor.  And the snow plow driver is recovering well at the hospital from a minor heart attack.

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