When you walk out your front door in the morning and start your day of free choices (good or bad) you should thank a Vet.

When you speak out against your government (no matter your party affiliation) you should thank a Vet.

When you are able to start a business and become a millionaire, you should thank a Vet.

When you go to your church or temple of choice without being afraid for your life, you should thank a Vet.

When you fail financially and know you and your family won't starve because you can receive government assistance, you should thank a Vet.

These are just some of the small reasons we should always thank a Veteran for their service each and every day.  These brave men and women volunteered to put their lives on the line and experience some of the most horrific situations anyone could ever endure. Sadly some of these brave souls have come back with life altering battle scars (both physically and emotionally). 

We also need to thank their families, wives, moms, dads, sons and daughters who wondered day after day if their daddy, mommy, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother or sister would return safely to them. Then when their loved ones paid the ultimate sacrifice for all of us they had to endure that pain forever for our freedoms.  Lets also not forget when a soldier came home physically or emotionally scarred and how their family had to help hold their hero high during some of their darkest hours.

These sacrifices by these men, women and their families are why we should thank a Veteran every day.  I know when I meet a Veteran or a current member of our military I say thank you each time....and sadly...those words will never be enough. God Bless you all!