My daughter Heather has a young man who has been chasing after her for a few weeks now.  Heather keeps telling him she is not interested but he keeps calling the house to try to talk to her.  Now she is nice to him at school but she isn't interested in him more than that.  She is still waiting for Liam Payne from One Direction to ask for her hand in marriage...sooo...

This boy's advances haven't been obnoxious but no means no and I finally felt the need to step in to drive that point home.  Last night I had my wife forward all calls to our house in Ohio to my cellphone here in Asheville...and I waited.  

Then as I had hoped my phone rang and the number came up as his....

"Hello, John Boy (this kids alias)" I said.

" ah Heather available?" He said meekly

"No John've reached her daddy.  Now John Boy I know you have a serious crush on my daughter. Am I correct in this assumption?" I asked calmly.

"Yeah..." he peeped.

"And is it fair to say that you have been calling my house at least twice a day to talk to her for the last few weeks?" I asked in a stricter tone.

"Maybe...I guess..." 

"And Heather has turned you down several times when you have asked her out which Heather informs me was at least three times this week?" I inquired.


I cut him off, "There is no "but" John Boy.  No means no.  It does not mean you should continue to ask no matter how bad you want to 'date' her.  I appreciate your tenacity but understand that the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Department also refers to that has harassment in some cases.  In this case you are closing in on the definition set by your local law enforcement opposed to the definition at  Now I would hate for you to have to explain to your parents why the local law dawgs are at their door wishing to talk with their why don't you turn down the tenacity a few clicks and lets keep the definition the reason for this conversation we are having. Do you understand what I mean John Boy?" I waited for his response.

"Yes...if I call again you'll call the cops on me." he said softly.

"Not just call John Boy. If your tenacity to pursue Heather continues in school or online you will force me to use the definition for tenacity established by the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Department. Now are we on the same page?" I waited for a few seconds.

"Yes sir." He replied.

"Good. Now have a good day John Boy.  Glad we could have this conversation." Click.

I think I did pretty well, but this is how I really wanted to handle it.