Sometimes geography can play a huge influence on a person. I am only assuming that was the case with Rising Country Star CARISSA LEIGH. She was born and raised in Calgary, Canada and moved to Hawaii to attend school. But when an opportunity to study in New York City became available Carissa jumped on it and moved across the globe one more time. While in the Big Apple Carissa started to write music and was encouraged to once again pack her bags and move to Nashville to write with some of today’s biggest country song writers. It was only a short year later that Carissa launched her Country career and hit the road singing about the type of guy all ladies across the world love, The Bad Boy.

Her new single, Bad Boy, certainly paints the picture of how ladies have a soft side for the type of guys their daddy waits on the front porch for with their buddies Smith & Wesson. However, most young ladies that I have chatted with tell me the same thing, the “Bad Boys” are the “Fun Boys”. So I guess the old adage “The nice guy always finishes last is true.”

However I had the chance to meet Carissa the other day and not only is she a wildly talented artist and song writer but she is also a mother to beautiful 6-year-old Kennedy. Carissa said it can be challenging balancing her fledgling career and being a mommy but with the help of her mother and Kennedy’s daddy she is making it happen.

Keep your eye of this young lady, she is going to certainly make some noise in Nashville.