Trace Adkins who has had several tough blows over the last couple of months (having to go to rehab to over come his alcoholism and his father passing away) now has to deal with the emotional term oil left from the divorce of his 17-year marriage. My heart goes out to him and his estranged wife.

They have remained silent about their divorce until now.  Adkin's publicist just released the following statement.

“Trace and Rhonda are united in ensuring that their children’s interests come first. They thank everyone for respecting their privacy as they work through this personal matter together.”

I have no idea what inspired Trace's wife, Rhonda, to file for divorce minus Trace's current troubles.  But if you remember the couple has had some challenges as of late.  A few years ago they lost everything in a house fire and their daughter has some serious food allergies.  You may not think that would add to enough stress to file for divorce but with the rehab and the passing of Trace's father it can seriously pile up.  

I will be praying for both of them to find their lost love again or to be able to just find kindness and understanding for each other while their marriage dissolves. It's just sad all the way around.  

Photo: Getty Images