Over the weekend during a dirt track race, NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart, struck and killed Kevin Ward Jr. after Stewart ran him into the wall during the race as seen on a youtube video (viewer discretion is advised). At that point a very irate Ward jumped out of his vehicle and walked out into the race to confront Stewart about his "unsportsman like" conduct.  This is where Stewart stuck and killed Ward. 

There is now an investigation going on to determine if Stewart should face charges.  He has released a statement about the accident sharing his condolences with and for Ward's family and fans.

Sadly it looks like their tempers just got the best of both of them. I am sure many are asking why would Ward ever walk out that far into the race and why didn't Stewart just let off the gas or avoid him completely instead of getting so close?  I understand tempers flare during a race such as this, and Stewart is known for his on track temper, but sadly this has ended with both parties (including their families) in a no return situation.  Please pray for everyone involved and effected by this horrible incident. 

Photo: Youtube.com