Apparently we could still get anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow by tomorrow mornings according to Julie Wunder and the rest of the weather crew at WLOS.  So being a guy from North East Ohio I thought I would share some tips on what to have around the house and in my car to deal with the snow.

In Your House:

  1. Have several comfortable warm blankets stored away in a tub or trunk that is easy to access in your home. Use these incase the power goes out.  If you have a big bed in the house, pile the blankets on the bed and have all the kids get in bed with you. Body heat will keep everyone warm under blankets in one bed.

  2. Make sure all your electronics (i.e. cellphone, ipad, and laptop) have a full charge. Then turn them off unless there is an emergency.  This way you can call out for help on your cell.  Do not allow your kids to play with your phone in the dark to pass the time.

  3. Make sure you have enough supplies to get you through at least 3 to 4 days. If the power is out for days due to trees having fallen you could be locked in your home for a while. These supplies would include a gallon of drinking water for each member (pets included) of your family for each day.  If you need medication make sure you have enough to get you through.  Plus if you have an infant make sure you have enough diapers and wipes to get you through at least four days.

  4. Fill your bathtub up with water to use for flushing your toilet. You can certainly go without a shower or bath for a few days but try not using the bathroom. 

  5. Make sure you have batteries and several flashlights available. During the evening hours you'll need these to get around the house. 

In The Car:

  1. Pack in your trunk or tool box, one heavy warm blanket for each possible passenger of your vehicle. If you get stranded on the freeway or even in the backwoods it maybe days before you can get away or are found.

  2. Pack several bottles of water and dried foods that you can eat and drink.

  3. Pack a warm coat (like a carhart), warm gloves, a hat that covers your entire head and hiking boots.  You may have to walk for several miles to find help or shelter and you'll want to stay warm.  If you can pack some snow pants as well especially if you like to wear business attire.  As trendy as it look it does not fair well in the elements.

  4. Have a first aid kit with instructions on how to execute some simple first aid procedures.

That is my advise on how to be prepared for the snow.