Last night I pulled into my apartment complex a little later than usual so I had to find a spot to park a few buildings away from mine.  No big deal right?  But this is where I couldn't control myself.

As I walked to my apartment I saw a 20 something guy slumped over in the passenger seat of a car parked at the complex.  My first reaction was, "Is he ok?" So I tapped on his window pretty hard and he immediately sat up and jumped out of the car.  That's when the aroma of an alcohol filled day of drinking just engulfed my nose.

His eyes were glassed over as he struggled to focus on me and he said, "What time is it man?"

This is where I couldn't help myself.  I replied, "It's 6 O'clock in the morning...have you been in this car all night?"

Suddenly his brain engaged and he sobered up right in front of me by saying, "6 O'clock??? OH MY GOSH! I'm late for work! I'm going to so get fired this time!"

Then he ran into his apartment to get ready for work.

Yeah.... like I said there is a special place in Hell for me.