I woke up this morning around 5am, flipped on the radio to listen to Eddie Foxx and Sharon Green, ate some toast and headed off to The Rush Fitness Complex.  I was really impressed that there are people at the Rush 24/7 and you can work out whenever you wish.  That is really cool because my schedule is all over the place.

So I started off with some stretches that my trainer Tripp taught me, then I hit the stair climber to start off my cardio exercises.  Seriously, how hard could this be...just walking up some stairs.  Well after I passed flight 12 I could feel the burn in my legs but I was determined to reach the 15 floor.  So I just kept going, climbing and climbing.  Honestly it seemed like I wouldn't be able to make it, because I am so out of shape, but I pushed myself and made it.  It was awesome to know I had reached my goal.

The next machine was the tread mill.  I jumped on, pushed it up to 4mph at a 4% incline and hammered out a mile in about 15 minutes.  I was sweating pretty good by that time, because again I am really out of shape, but that is GOING to change. But again it was awesome that I hit my goal and was able to reach where I wanted to be.

Finally I got on board an elliptical machine and started out at a good pace moving my arms and legs in unison....ok....well I'm not so good at that...it was like watching a drunk giraffe try and maneuver a mind field....not graceful at all.  I guess I know how Luke Bryan felt when he fell off the stage in Charlotte with thousands watching.

But that won't stop me, everyone can laugh...I'll laugh too.  But I do know I'll be able to get my blood pressure down and avoid any health issues in the future.  I need to be here for my wife and kids.  So they are my motivation and I'm gonna stick to it.