I remember the first time I was introduced to Kimberly Williams (Paisley).  She played the daughter of Steve Martin in the remake of "Father of the Bride" (one of my favorite movies because it is so true.). Then when I heard she had married Brad Paisley I was honestly happy for them.  I have always been a huge fan of Brad's and thought they made the perfect couple.

I knew they probably had their challenges as every couple does but thought of them as country royalty with a blessed life.  But then I read Kimberly's article in Redbook about the challenges her and her family faced as her mother battled dementia. 

Every word reminded me of each day my wife Ruby, my brother Brian, my sister Charlotte and I helped my parents as they faded from their illnesses.  I hated that Kimberly or anyone else had to endure the hardships of an incurable disease that slowly robbed them of their parents. My heart broke when I read how her father was forced  to make the decision to finally place his beautiful bride in long time care.

"One early morning, my father thought he was having a heart attack. While he sat in the foyer awaiting the paramedics, he worried more about my mother's well-being than his own, as she ran upstairs and down multiple times in her underwear, trying to figure out how to help. Tests later showed he hadn't had a heart attack. It was stress, we realized, verging on panic. The family became convinced that, for everyone's safety, Mom needed long-term care."

But the best part of the article is that it reminded me we are not alone in our stuggles as our rolls reverse as our parents become older. All of us have to deal with the pain of our parents either passing or needing our help. It scares us because as my brother said so well at my mother's calling hours, "Once you're parents are gone, you can never go home again."

Take the time to read Kimberly's words in her Redbook.com article "How I Faced My Mother's Demenia".