Nancy Jones (the wife of George Jones) recently told the Nashville Tennessean that George knew he would never make it to his final concert tonight (Nov. 22) at the Bridge Stone Arena. Nancy said George agreed to all the rehersals and press dates for his last concert without a second thought, something very uncharacteristic for George who would usually fight each date and rehersal. 

When Nancy asked George why he was agreeing so easily he said, "Cause I'm not going to be here. I'm going to agree to anything they ask. Promise me you'll make a tribute show out of it, and I'll see it from heaven."

That right there just makes me tear up to think how sad that had to be for both George and Nancy to accept.  So tonight as over 100 country acts take the stage in the "Final No Show" concert to pay tribute to George know he'll be watching from upstairs...the best seat in the house.