Eddie Foxx gave you the heads up about Jason Aldean and his new relationship with American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr.  Typically this wouldn't raise an eyebrow but since Jason was caught kissin' on Brittany at the Lion's Den on the L.A. Strip while he was still married to his wife there are some people who are all about it.  I have even heard people start to say again, "I'm never listening to Jason Aldean again, that PIG!"

Seriously? Cheating on your spouse is a major no-no.  But I have learned it takes two to keep a marriage together and it takes two to break it apart (I'm an expert, I've been divorced twice and each time I made major mistakes that helped to dissolve my family).  Now I have NO idea what went wrong in the Aldean household and I am sorry that it ended the way it did but how does the issues between Jason Aldean, his ex-wife, and Brittany Kerr effect us from singing along with "Night Train" or "When She Says Baby"? It doesn't.  You can refuse to listen to his music if you wish but if you are going to hold that stance of never listening to another sinner sing you better turn off your radio, smash your ipod, and never listen to another choir sing.  Everyone has done something in their past that they have regretted, including me.  So we can either sit in our failures or move on.  I and, I believe, Jason have chosen the latter.

Frankly Jason, his ex, and Brittany will have to deal with the fall out for years to come from this considering Jason has children with his ex.  So isn't that enough punishment...almost every broken marriage I know of has years of bitterness when it comes to child support and visitation.  Isn't it their issue to handle privately.  It takes a thousand and one years to take care of your own business so why not get started. 

And if you aren't sure who Brittany Kerr is, here is a photo from her twitter account.


Photo: Splash News