This morning my poor little man, Christian, got sick and made a bit of a mess. So Ruby placed him on the couch with a bowl to get sick in.  His older brother Brandon just had the same thing over the weekend but being 600 miles away left me worried sick.  

You see every time Christian had been sick in the past I would have him curl up on my lap or chest and we would sleep together on the couch until he felt better.  So I have been waiting for text messages from Ruby all day wondering how my little man is.  But Ruby still has her phone's auto correct switched to on and it always turns her text messages into gibberish.  This just added to the chaos for me and the worry as you can see below.

So who in the world is Evan? And why is he made up of Pedialyte? Dang on auto correct. I know how my wife isn't the best speller but I can translate. isn't always good.