Poor Taylor Swift has yet another creeper giving her all kinds of problems according to the Associated Press.  This time 38-year-old Daniel Cole of Brewster, Mass. was summoned into court and ordered to stay away from Taylor Swift and her home in in Westerly.  According to police Cole blocked Swift's driveway with his pickup truck and refused to move it on December 9th.  He was arrested then but he returned on December 21st to the property where police had to escort him away again.

The State Judge in his case charged him with trespassing and disorderly conduct which Cole plead not guilty to.  This isn't the first creeper situation that Taylor has dealt with recently.  Another man tried to hop the fence at her parent's Nashville home and she just recently had a restraining order issued again another man for stalking her. 

I know she is a HUGE Ol' Star, but honestly...if she wanted to date some weird guy who has a Swift Shrine in their basement I'm sure she would holler out.

Photo: Getty Images