Scotty McCreery and his college buddies were the victims of a home style invasion around 2am this morning (May 5, 2014) according to WTVD-TV in Raliegh, near where Scotty attends college at North Carolina State University.  Neighbors told WTVD that they heard noises but thought it was just a college party.

"All you heard was yelling like 'Who are you? What are you doing here? ' for a good five minutes. It was just yelling, we just thought it was a bunch of college students partying until that point." said one female neighbor.

However it was anything but that.  Three armed men stormed into Scotty's apartment and held him and his friends at bay while stealing their money, wallets, and electronic devices before leaving. No one was hurt in the invasion. One of Scotty's friends told the 9-1-1 operator, "They took everything we have. They were like, 'Get down. Get on the floor and give us everything you got." The caller said the suspects told the group to count down from 100 before they were allowed to get up according to a press release from Capitol Nashville.


Police are still investigating what occurred and are looking for suspects.

Photo: Getty Images