Today I signed the lease for a house located in South Asheville.  I have been living in some apartments within about a mile of the radio station but with my family coming down in a month to call WNC home I needed a place with a yard and a neighborhood for my kids to grow up in.  

I am certainly going to miss my farm where I grew up.  But it's sold now and I hope the new owners will get years of joy out of it.  I know I certainly did growing up there.  I think next month when I get Ruby and the kids ready to move down I will take that one final walk through the woods, gather up some sand out of my mother's indoor arena where she taught kids to ride for years and cast a line one last time in my ponds.  I'll take lots of video as well and visit my parents grave site to say goodbye.  

It's going to be hard knowing there is no going back now, this is it.  But I trust the Lord to bring brighter days for my kids, wife and I.  There will be challenges but He will get us through it.