Today is the 10th Anniversary of National Dog Appreciation Day. Every day dogs guard and bring joy to their humans.  The best dog I ever had a companionship with was a little Sheltie by the name of Chance.  I always joked he had one chance to poop in the house or tear up furniture.  But of course I kept him until his dying day.  He was an awesome dog that always was with me.  So you can imagine he brought me a lot of joy.  

But the concept of National Dog Appreciation Day came from Colleen Paige who said "I want this to be a day to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure – to help abolish puppy mills and end breed specific legislation so we can create a world where all dogs (and every animal) can live a happy, safe and abuse-free life." according to Fox 8

So to help honor your dog, visit our facebook page and post a pic of your pup in the post that runs parallel with this blog. Even Carolina Country Star Scotty McCreery is celebrating.