Last night my boys, Christian (3) and Brandon (10) were playing video games in a battle to the death apparently. So when Christian felt the urge to use the bathroom he just ignored it and wet himself while sitting on the floor because he couldn’t miss a second of the game.

You all aren’t playing on an Atari 2600, it’s an XBOX for crying out loud! It has a pause. So after wetting himself on the floor like a puppy he came out into the living room where I was helping his mother move furniture and proclaimed, “I peed myself. I need you to change me.”

So I instructed him and his brother to go to the bathroom and shed Christian’s wet clothes and have Brandon dress him in his PJ’s. But Christian wasn’t having any of that. Once he was naked he bolted like a shot running away from his brother hollering out, “I’m naked, naked!”

This inspired me to record this little event for later in his life when he brings home his first real girlfriend. I will so be breaking this video out. Yes, yes….revenge.