My little wife Ruby has been through a lot in her life. She’s been divorced and had to raise two kids on her own. She lost her job of 13 years which then led to her losing her home of six years. She helped me get through burying my uncle, parents and two good friends within 10 years. She then had to bury her ex-husband and help her children over come that huge loss to a young child. Finally she battled to save her own life and beat breast cancer. She is my hero and I’m sure she doesn’t know it.

So, last night while Ruby was cooking in the kitchen she suddenly hollered out, “Ouch, ouch, ouch!” I quickly ran into the kitchen to find her holding her finger and some blood dripping onto the floor while her face turned white. I thought she had cut her finger off by her reaction. But honestly Ruby has one chink in her armor, she can’t see her own blood or she gets light headed.

She squeaked out, “Oh my gosh….how bad is it, it hurts?” as she held it out to me.

I examined her finger and noticed it was just a little cut, but it was right on the tip of her finger which I am sure hurt like crazy. But she was quivering so I told her calmly, “Baby, you kicked cancer’s butt, buried your ex-husband and were homeless with two kids. You can handle this.”

She smiled at me and said, “Thanks for being my hero.”

I just smiled back and thought, “Your hero? Besides God who was always there for me when I needed them? Who put up with my idiocy when I lost my mind when my parents died? Who carried the burden of burying their ex-husband with dignity all while comforting their children? Not me, I just put a band-aid on a finger…I’m no hero, you are.”