I grew up in North East Ohio, in a town called Ashtabula.  When I was a kid the town was thriving with a busy downtown district, plants that employed thousands and a low crime rate.  As the years sadly wore on the plants closed up which started a domino effect that led to the town falling into despair and ruin.  When people can't make their house payments they either move away or fall into depression which can lead to drug and alcohol addiction in some cases or certainly an attitude that they just don't care anymore and quit trying.  

I am happy to report there is now a movement there trying to revitalize Ashtabula back to it's days of glory and I pray they succeed.  Some of the newest achievements include some GREAT wineries, hunting, fishing, lodges, a sports complex and a booming Bridge Street district.  However for the positive to survive the community will ALL have to come together to over come the negative and eye soars.  It breaks my heart to see my hometown like this.