My baby girl, Heather, turns 14 years old today.  It amazes me how fast she is growing up.  She's going to be in High School next year for crying out loud.  But to wish her a happy birthday I jumped on her facebook page and posted pics of her as a little girl and wrote I have loved her all of her life.  

Well, in the world of a 14 year old, that is one of the deadly seven sins....posting embarrassing baby photos up on facebook.  My facebook notices went wild quickly as her friends started to take shots at how funny looking she was.  So I quickly deleted the photos. But I think some of her buddies were quick on the draw...that is what the picture message I received from Heather indicated. "Thanks!" it said under the photo of her locker peppered with print outs of the pics I had posted earlier.

Looks like I'll be upgrading that gift card to Hot Topic to about $100.  Opppps. But here is a photo album of her more RECENT photos that I'm allowed to post.  She is beautiful, funny, intellegent....and I'll site in any boy who comes within ten feet....what?

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