The beautiful bride of Blake Shelton and Country Super Star, Miranda Lambert will be coming off the road from touring...for now anyway.  Now 30 years old Miranda has been out on the road each and every year since she was 17 and she just needs a break to catch her breath.

Miranda told, "This is the longest break I've ever had since I was 17, since I started playing music. It's kind of scary 'cause you just get your autopilot, and you know what you're doing, and then it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, do I really, do I remember how to do this?"

The 'Automatic' singer also said it will be good to get some time off to recharge her batteries so next time she hits the road in a headlining a tour she'll have something to give to her fans.  Miranda does have a few dates schedule in 2014 to perform with Jason Aldean on his tour but after that she's kickin' back and just going to breath.  But don't worry Ran will be back next can take the girl off the road but you can't take the road out of the girl. 

In my opinion, we all think being on the road would be amazing.  But in fact you are on a bus driving across the country day in and day out.  Sometimes you don't even know where you're at because it becomes so routine. Then you are expected to perform over and over again no matter if you're sick, tired, sad or anything else.  It is a tough life for sure.  Yes, it pays well but it is very taxing.  I wish Miranda the best on her well deserved vacation.

Photo: Getty Images