The Friday the 13th's Full Moon must have been pulling hard on the brains of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber over the weekend.  First off, Ms. Cyrus spent her Saturday night posting topless pics on instagram with a hash tag referring to herself as a "working girl".  You can see the photo for yourself by clicking here.  HOWEVER, I will warn you Miley is really showing herself off in fine fashion. My father always said a lady should leave something to the imagination. 

Then our Canadian hero, Justin Bieber will actually be facing charges for egging a house.  Finally he'll actually face the music...maybe.  Bieber has a long list of idiot behavior which includes urinating in mop buckets in restaurants, insulting a lady and her daughter at a batting cage and several other idiotic incidents according to 

But you know what, if Miley and Justin had a child together you know it would rise up to become the BEST President this country has ever seen.  It's simple science really, two BIG OL' NEGATIVES like them would have to equal a positive. 

Photo: Getty Images