Keifer and Shawna Thompson, the husband and wife award winning duo of THOMPSON SQUARE just released their new single, Testing The Water, from their album Just Feels Good. The CMA Duo of the Year couple struggled for the first few years in Nashville while trying to make it.  They worked odd jobs until they were finally signed and went number one with their first single, "Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not".

It will be hard to ever over come their first single and mega hit, just like everyone remembers Kenny Chesney for "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy".  However, I really like this new single and I am sure it will climb the charts.  

Personally I had the chance to chat with both Keifer and Shawna early in their careers and I can tell you they are a very cool couple who have always buckled down together to make their dreams come true, a real success story.  But they do have their disagreements which apparently happen more while they are at home then when they are on the road together.