On Sunday night rising country act Kacey Musgraves let her temper get the best of her in an anti-hater post on facebook.com.  The post accused facebook of having the most haters (negative people) of any other social network and told the Negative Nancys of the internet to jump off a cliff.

Kacey wrote on facebookIt's funny - the amount of hate and negativity that plagues this _____________ social network.  Not to rant, but, there are more mean, shallow things commented here than any place else I chose to share stuff with.  If you're coming here for any other reason than to appreciate my music and take a little peek at what's going on in my world occasionally - stay the _________ out."

As a local "celebrity" which I have never taken very seriously, after all I just talk into a mic for a living while men and women put their lives on the line for us in the U.S. Military every day.  They are the celebrities.  But back on point...

I have wanted to tell a few nasty folks on facebook where to go or to scream at callers who dial in to just tell me to __________.  But my mother's voice always rings in my head, "If you roll around in the mud with pigs...you'll be as dirty as the pig itself. Stay out of the mud."

I would humbly suggest that to Kacey by saying, just use the block button that facebook offers. I have a policy myself, if you attack me even once on a social network I immediately block you.  I don't engage with someone who is obnoxious because I have learned there is no reaching people who use social media platforms as a place to spit their venom.  They will pry at your character relentlessly like a squirrel on a nut until they get you to crack because somehow it helps boost their low self esteem.  So it is better to just shut that squirrel away in a box and move on.  Because now that the other Negative Nancys have seen that it effects you they will try even harder.  

So  just block them.  Nothing makes those type of people twist more than knowing they can't get to you.   And I would highly suggest this for the average person as well.  Do any of us really need to hear the rantings of someone so unhappy with their lives they feel the need to spray it into ours? 

Good luck Kacey...sadly this is just part of the gig.

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