With all the stress I’ve had in my life over the last 10 years (burying two parents, an uncle, my step kids’ dad, and two good friends plus Ruby battling breast cancer) I have developed some stomach issues. Last night after work it became pretty intense so I decided to go to the doctor’s to see what could be done that I hadn’t already tried.

As I wait to see the doc a video about a type of cancer that ONLY men can suffer from was playing. It was very awkward to be the ONLY guy in the waiting room full of ladies at that point. I just buried my face in my phone and chatted with my buddy Cory to avoid any eye contact. After the video was done playing a nice little elderly lady wearing a shawl and a flower print dress looked over at me and said, “You know, you should get checked for that. I lost my husband to that type of cancer. You can just ask the doctors to exam you while you’re here.”

If that wasn’t bad enough several other ladies in their 50’s started to agree with her and encouraged me to ask the doctor for a very “personal” examination. Yeah….next time I go to the doc’s I am turning all the TV’s to ESPN, DISNEY or whatever else I can find…I’d even opt for static.