Hey ya'll, here is Chapter Six in the book I trying to write about my life. You can read the other chapters here.

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Chapter Six – The Plane


I watched my father laying there staring back at us, his eyes following the movements around the room as if he was confused as to where he was. My mom leaded over to him, kissed his brow and said softly, “Welcome back Bob. You really scared us there. But you’re back. Roger, Brian and Charlotte are here.”

Dad’s eyes glazed over for a moment as if he was lost in thought.

“He may never talk again.” The voice of the doctor startled all of us.

Mom glared at him and was about to counter the doctor’s statement when dad said, “Connie.”

We all stopped and looked at Dad waiting for him to continue but his eyes glazed over again.

“Guess Bob is still full of suprises, wouldn’t you say Doc?” mom smirked as she gently pushed dad’s hair back out of his face.

“Well it all depends on the determination of each patient.” The doctor replied.

“Apparently you don’t know Bob too well, no one has more determination to prove someone wrong that he does.” Mom smiled.

The doctor then informed us Dad may recover to a functioning manner but he would probably never be the same man he once was.  This was all due to the fact that his heart stopped beating for over ten minutes on the operating table which caused him to suffer brain damage.  Sadly the doctor was right on one fact, my Dad would never be the same again.  At the time I only saw it as a hardship but it was a hidden blessing.  

So at that moment I wanted to pound the living tar out of that doctor more than I have ever wanted to slam someone before.  My father had signed a do not resuscitate order before his surgery and this wanna-be-deity doctor brought him back after his brain suffered ten minutes without oxygen leaving us to now to care for him like an infant for who knew how many years to come.  Instead I just walked out of the hospital to my truck and decided to drive to the Ocala Mall where I knew of a coffee shop with a really good cup of Joe.  I could have really used a beer at that point but I knew if I got lit up my mother who had a zero tolerance for alcohol or drunks would have exploded into a fit of fury, especially since my father was laying in his hospital bed from years of alcohol abuse.  

I sat there in the mall sipping on my coffee wondering what was next.  I found myself wallowing in self-pity thinking about my recent divorce and now the challenges my father’s new issues would cause.  I was only twenty-nine and now I felt an urge to drop everything I was doing to take care of my father, sidelined in my broadcasting career because of his damn boozing. I had just been promoted to Pittsburgh, a huge step in my career, and now I was going to have to let it all go.

I tossed out my empty coffee cup and started back to the hospital. When I arrived mom was ecstatic. “You dad actually held a conversation with me!” she exclaimed.

“What? He could hardly get out Connie less than two hours ago.” I said.

“I know! But he’s back and it’s a miracle. God had his hand it in.” mom was almost stammering.

“Ok, what did he say?” I asked in disbelief.  I was pretty sure mom had finally fell victim to her exhaustion.

Mom then stammered through the conversation she apparently just had with Dad who was now laying there like an infant, just watching the room.  Apparently mom had been chatting with him when he looked at her and said, “Hi Connie…did I miss the plane?”

“What plane Bob? You just came out of surgery so the doctors could put a pace maker in.” Mom answered.

“I was on a plane full of light.  Your mom was there and so was mine but my mom wouldn’t talk to me.  Your mom gave me a huge and told me, ‘Bob what are you doing here? It isn’t your time. You have to go back.’” Dad explained.

I stood there in shock trying to muster the words, “What? Dad had a near death experience? He doesn’t believe in God why would he see Grandma?”

“Your dad was saved as a young boy in your great grandfather’s church. Who are we to judge?” Mom replied.


I felt like I suddenly understood, God had delivered my dad back from the dead to give him another chance, another chance at fixing a life time of wrongs.  Yes that was part of it but there was so much more to it than what I had even imagined at that point.