As I said before, I downloaded the smart phone game, Candy Crush, because my wife plays it all the time and wanted me to give her my lives so she can continue to play while she battles breast cancer. So of course I did as she asked and had to set it up through facebook so I could apparently give her the lives and turns I wasn’t using.

Now have you ever approved a friend request with someone you haven’t seen in years because you “used” to be friends? Yeah me too, the guilt can really get to ya. But now that guilt has turned into an annoyance because “those” friends play Candy Crush now too and are always blowin’ up my phone with requests for lives and turns. Then when I refuse to dish them out…I get texts asking why I have denied them because we are good friends. Oh yeah….we’re really good friends when you want my Candy Crush lives.

You can play or be annoyed too, find candy crush by clicking here.