River Bank singer, BRAD PAISLEY stepped in it big time with his wife, KIMBERLY WILLIAMS PAISLEY, CARRIE UNDERWOOD and several other celebrity ladies.  On his new album, Moonshine In The Trunk, Paisley dedicated the song, Cover Girl to Kimberly, Carrie, Ke$ha, Joan Rivers (shouldn't her song be called 'Ol' Goat') and Olivia Munn but he made it sound like the song was dedicated to each lady individually. Brilliant marketing because both Kimberly and Carrie jumped on Twitter to brag about it.

But it didn't take his wife, Kimberly long to figure out she has been duped by Brad. So she called up her hubby quickly but Brad refused to answer tweeting this screen shot of his phone.

Kimberly then tweeted this in response.

I'm sure it has to be interesting to be married to Brad. I know my wife, Ms. Ruby, would have publicly laughed it off but I'd be eating some cold dinners after that.