When I told the staff here at Kiss Country about my Yankee wife, Ruby's, confusion a BoJangle's they all said I should share it with you.  So here is the story which I am sure I will catch grief about but it is pretty funny....

North East Ohio doesn't host even one BoJangle's to my memory.  I know, hard to believe, a whole region of the country without BoJangle's chicken...but there are thousands who are deprived on the shores of Lake Erie from this delicious meal including my wife Ruby.  

So when Ruby and the kids were visiting me a few weeks ago we went to BoJangel's on Patton Avenue because our realtor told Ruby she hadn't lived until she tried a world famous Bo-Bo. So Ruby was first inline in front of the kids and I and she decided to order a full meal.  The young lady taking her order then asked, "What fixin' would you like with that?"

Ruby's brow scrunched up and she asked, "What needs fixed?"

"Fixings?" the girl replied.

"I'm not here to fix anything honey.  I'm just a customer." Ruby said.

I couldn't help it any longer and started to laugh.  Immediately Ruby knew something was up...and when I explained that fixings were sides she said, "YOU BETTER NOT TELL THIS STORY ON THE AIR!"