I am all about my 3-year-old son Christian playing with blocks and legos.  It sure beats video games because blocks and legos help him to learn to be creative.  However I have never had an XBox game turn into a 5am bedroom bear trap.

My alarm went off, I got up, stretched, and started to walk to the kitchen in the dark to start some coffee.  That is when a sharp pain shot up my leg from the flesh on the bottom of my foot sending this ol' boy into a cussing fit that would have embarrassed a sailor fresh off a six month tour of duty at sea.

My foot had found one of Christian's legos that he had been playing with while watching TV with me in my bedroom from the night before.  Ruby was still up so I made the mistake of dosing off believing my bedroom floor would be free of these little early morning bear traps.  Guess I'm just going to have to wear my boots to bed.