A former middle school science teacher, DAVID RAY, is a rising country star from Michigan who fell in love with country music after his father took him to an Alabama concert as a child.  He knew then that he wanted to be up on that stage just like them singing to thousands. But the road to Nashville isn't easy and you need a regular job to get you by until you can launch your music career.  So David decided to become a teacher and moved to South Florida for an open position after all of his attempts to get hired as an educator in Nashville failed.  

Even then David didn't give up on his dream and continued to pursue his love of music.  He even talked his school's principal into allowing him to teach his students in his home room class how to play guitar which some of them still do today.  But then the bottom fell out of his teaching career and several other doors in Florida closed pushing him to his only exit, Nashville.

He quickly hooked up with one of his only connections in Music City and scored a music writing deal to pay his bills while he and his friend wrote several songs including his new single, "Light It Up".

David also has family in Western North Carolina.  His great uncle lives in Asheville and his late grandfather did as well.  So WNC is a return home for David anytime he is passing through.  Connect with David Ray online below;