Annnnd Thomas Rhett just blew it for all guys, haha!

He was talking to Country Weekly and said that he doesn't miss an episode of 'The Bachelor' because his wife loves it. He says he acts like he likes it so she's happy....awww right??

Yeeeea, well he's not 100% true on that. 

“Luckily I’m a big chick flick kind of guy. I don’t mind watchin’ Nicholas Sparks movies like Safe Haven, or The Notebook, or A Walk to Remember,” he says. “It’s kinda crazy I know all these titles, but, you know, they’re, I mean, I’m a fan of those kinds of movies and so it’s really easy to kinda sit down and watch those with her.”

Thanks Thomas. Thanks. Now every girl is going to be like, "Well Thomas Rhett likes those movies." Haha