I usually HATE phone games. Why? Because I end up wasting ALL my time and ALL my battery trying to either get the highest score out of all my friends (Temple Run) or beat one STUPID LEVEL THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT (Angry Birds).

As a matter of fact, I don't even have games on my phone so I'm not tempted to waste my time.

Then today happened...............

I was at a live broadcast, and one of clients tells me "Oh you should try Flappy Birds! It's fun...but gets me so angry!"

So of course my mind is wondering "what's so bad about this game?" EVERYTHING. It's absolutely impossible to even make it past the first 3 pipes!!! If you have NO clue what I'm talking about watch this video:

With that being said...I have found a way to beat it. Yes, to beat the game. Ready for it?

DELETE IT FROM YOUR PHONE NOW!!! And if you haven't downloaded it...DON'T!!! Haha gaaah!

Ok, back to trying to at least get to 10 :) Oh, you can get this game for iPhone and Android....